Baroque and Renaissance Music for Classical Guitar

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Welcome to my web page dedicated to the transcription of Baroque and Renaissance music for classical guitar.

On this site, you will find my transcriptions of Baroque and Renaissance music for classical guitar. I have transcribed from the original tablature music intended for lute, baroque guitar, vihuela or similar instruments of that period. To transcribe the score into standard notation, I have used the free GNU program Musescore. All my transcriptions are available in pdf and midi formats. You may download and use them free of charge. All I ask is that you cite this web site as the source.

The published pieces were composed by my favorites: Santiago de Murcia, Gaspar Sanz, Jan Antonín Losy, to mention a few. As I was not able to find transcriptions of their music, I started doing it myself. Over time, the number of transcriptions have accumulated to the extent that I have decided to share them on line with my fellow musicians. I will keep adding new scores as I transcribe them.

You can leave me a message in the guest book. I look forward to your feedback and comments.
I wish you many enjoyable hours of music making.

Petr Stráník
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